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Fair Share Cake Plate

Potential cake-gluttons will be kept at bay when you use this handy-dandy “Fair Share” cake plate. The plate has a ruler around its circumference so you can measure your slices out. Obviously, the Fair Share plate is convenient for those cakes you must cut for many people. But, I also see a benefit for those who have family members or roommates who like to make refrigerator-ninja moves at 3:00 in the morning and eat all your damn cake.

(via Product Dose)


“Bed Snake Bat” Protects Against Unwanted Pregnancy

I’m not making this up.

There is actually a product you can buy called the Bed Snake Bat.

From the product page:

“Relentless research by a team of dedicated scientists have discovered that pregancy is caused by a small venomous snake, [Snakus Williuserectus] or Bed Snake.

The Bed Snake is found throughout the world and it’s favoured habitat is the bedroom. For much of the time it remains dormant, but don’t let this wrinkled reptile deceive you! On being approached it will be roused into action, and its fearsome venom has few known antidotes.

Now, utilizing cutting edge technology, we have created the remarkable contraceptive device, the Bed Snake Bat.”

And it’s only $6.10 American.

(via Nerd Approved)

Adult Slime

Remember this?

Now there’s this:

“The slime, which rest-assured comes in a plastic capsule (though one with slightly more modern, sophisticated lines), is scented to appeal to adult sensitivities. Adult Slime comes in four varieties (¥1,029 each), hot, relax, love, and elegance, each with a scent to match the ascribed mood.”

I’m…not exactly sure how you use the slime.

(via Gizmodo)