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Barbie Doll Parts Jewelry

Looking like a cross between pop art and a doll-parts massacre, these unique earrings and pendants from Margaux Lange certainly will make a statement. They’re carefully cobbled together from actual Barbie dolls and sterling silver and are available for sale on Etsy.

The Brooklyn resident writes in her profile:

“Barbieā„¢ was immensely important in fueling my creative life as a child, and ironically continues to be such for me as an adult. My “Plastic Body Series” jewelry stems from a desire to re-purpose common materials in combination with metals. I am inspired, terrified and fascinated, first and foremost by humans. I’m drawn to patterns and repetition in all forms.”


The Steampunk Jewelry Of Edm Designs

These pendants, rings, earrings, and more from edm designs are a feast for the eyes and are a must-have for an “authentic” steampunk look. The jewelry are hand-crafted amalgams of old watch parts and antique baubles, and are available from the edm designs store on Etsy.

(via Brass Goggles)