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TSA-Approved Laptop Bags

With word that the Transportation Security Administration will allow people to keep their laptops in approved bags at airline security, the company Mobile Edge have fast-tracked a line of checkpoint friendly cases.

The “Scan Fast” collection includes a briefcase, backpack, and messenger bag. All three will allow its contents to be x-rayed within the bag — eliminating the need for people to go through the laborious process of taking them out. The laptop bags will go on sale later this summer.

Meanwhile, another company, Skooba, is quickly coming up with their own TSA-approved laptop bag.

Expect a boom in the production of these bags real soon, with a number of popular bag and case companies coming up with their own.


Viral Link Top Ten: The Mad Hatter Edition

10. Secret iPhone Factory Photos!

A woman finds her new iPhone has some top-secret pics on it…

9. “Why So Serious?” Dollar Bill

I’m tempted to do this to my own money, but isn’t it illegal???

8. The Six Worst Comic Book Husbands

Sure, they can fight crime…but what about their skills as a hubby?

7. Princess Chunk The Cat

We are looking for the owner of a 44-pound cat. LOL.

6. Paranoia Sweater

Come out, come out of your deceitful yarn paradise…

5. Johnny Depp To Play Mad Hatter In Tim Burton Alice Flick

I always thought Tim looked like the Mad Hatter, actually…

4. Viper-Flavored Ice-Cream

Dairy that bites…

3. The Night Owls

The best webcomic you’re not reading yet.

2. Keira Knightley Refuses Digital Boob Jobs

…and becomes icon for smaller-breasted women everywhere.

1. George W. Bush as The Joker…

…by Drew Friedman in Vanity Fair!

Watch Streaming Netflix On Your XBox 360!

Just another reason for my boyfriend to hurry up and get that Xbox 360 — as if Rock Band wasn’t enough.

Microsoft has just announced a deal that will allow Xbox 360 Live Gold users to play streaming video from their Netflix queues for no extra charge. They will also be able to share and watch the movies with the rest of their friends in their Live party.

I think this is rather big news — and a big partnership. Just another step towards what I envision to be the future, one device for all media and uses — a combo game player/computer/TV/phone/media center.


New “Big Brother” Billboards Watch And Record You

We all look at billboards — but what happens when they start looking back?

Over Memorial Day weekend, reports The New York Times, a Manhattan billboard advertising the TV movie “The Andromeda Strain” had a little camera installed into it. The camera, made by a company called Quividi, not only records the people who pass by, but uses software to analyze the faces and determine age and gender.

The reason for this surveillance? Marketing research.

Gathering user data on the Internet is cake; simply install some cookies, etc. But how to measure the effectiveness of ads like billboards? Enter the little cameras.

Is this a violation of personal privacy? What about those people who deface billboards in subway stations? Will they be recorded? Can the video be used to prosecute them?

And else can be done with this type of technology?

Mother-Of-Pearl XBox 360

Talk about an upgrade: apparently Bill Gates had a 100 of these luxury Xbox 360s made for gift-giving purposes. Among the recipients: the president of South Korea.

(via Born Rich)

YouTomb: Where Deleted YouTube Videos Go To Die

YouTomb is a project by MIT Free Culture that tracks down videos taken down from and by YouTube for copyright infringement. The site tells you how long each clip had been up, and who asked it to be taken down.

For example, this video, a review of Cloverfield, was taken down due to a TOS violation after being up for 117 days.

According to their statistics page, the companies who ask for the most videos to be removed include Viacom, Warner Brothers, and World Wrestling Entertainment.

(found via Google Operating System Blog)